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Cargobird - The place where cargo meets transport

  • You are desperate …
  • For a backload?
  • To avoid transport capacity sitting idle?
  • Avoid running empty
  • Cargobird - The place where cargo meets transport

Cargobird gets you ACCESS to the right PARTNERS in NO TIME. With Cargobird you can do both: keep jobs within your network of preferred partners or post them to anybody interested out there.

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CARGOBIRD is professional members only

  • It is purely for professionals: No other people than registered businesses are allowed to join.
    • Shipping / Trucking companies
    • Freight forwarders
    • Manufacturing / Trading companies
    • Self-employed carriers
  • For now this freight exchange is still free of charge!
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Get your goods shipped to your clients quickly

  • You are sitting on a pile of goods ready to be shipped. You need …
  • The most professional companies in the transport business?
  • Quickest access …?
  • At reasonable prices?

Cargobird gives you direct access to thousands of relevant Transport Service Providers (TSP). They might be freight forwarders, haulage firms, brokers with their own network etc. Due to the transparent nature of this marketplace the rates you will be getting are highly competitive. And any reaction will be quick.

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